Epic Travel Savings


Epic Travel Savings Program – Send Savings, Receive Rewards

REVISED 9.3.20

As an Epic Member you can share your travel and leisure savings with friends and receive unlimited Epic Reward Credits when they travel. Members have access to thousands of hotels and resorts at deep discounts.

With Epic Travel Savings, your friends can book discounted travel as often as they want, whenever they want. There are no restrictions. When you invite a friend to share your savings with Epic Travel Savings, they receive 50% of the savings you as a member would enjoy.

When your friends travel, YOU receive the remaining 50% of the member savings in the form of Epic Reward Credits. For example, if you and a friend search for the same trip, you may see $1,000 in savings. On the same trip your friend would see $500 in savings and you would receive the remaining $500 or 50,000 Epic Reward Credits when your friend travels. You can use these Epic Reward Credits towards hotel stays, rental cars, cruises, airfare, and any other Epic Experiences benefits.

There are no limits to how many friends you can invite or how many Epic Reward Credits you can earn from your friend’s travel. To get started, click the Epic Experiences tile on your Member Portal. When you get to the Epic Experiences webpage click on the Epic Travel Savings link in the main navigation menu on the top right side of the page. From there, you can invite a friend via email or share this exciting offer through your social network. Your friends can register for free and start booking travel.

Your Epic Travel Savings dashboard located in the Rewards section of the My Account page on the Epic Experiences webpage will update automatically when your friends travel.

Sit back and watch your Epic Reward Credits soar.