Features + Benefits

How Our Membership Works

It’s simple you decide what membership tier best fits your lifestyle – you pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Each of our tiers includes 15,000 Epic Base Points allowing you to reserve seven-day Epic Escapes dream vacations anywhere in the world.

If you want a longer vacation or larger accommodations, just purchase additional Epic Advantage Points at a low member-only rate and customize your vacation to fit your lifestyle and budget.

If you want access to even more points and benefits you can easily upgrade to another tier at any time!

Membership Tiers

The choice is yours. You decide how long you would like to be a member. You decide the membership tier — each tier provides access to a greater level of benefits and more Epic Advantage Points.

The higher your tier the more access you have to Epic Lifestyles benefits such as deep discounts at up to 75,000 online merchants, 20,000 restaurants, golf courses and luxury services like wine shipped direct to your home.

Epic Advantage Points

Browse the My Epic Vacations membership portal for instant access to seven-day Epic Escapes. If you prefer to plan further ahead, desire a specific location, or larger accommodations, you can purchase additional one-time-use Epic Advantage Points at a low member-only rate. You simply add your Epic Advantage Points to your Base Points to reserve exactly what you want.

Flexible Reservations

You can reserve your vacation week at more than 4,300 destinations worldwide as much as two years or as close as two days prior to your arrival. Whether you are spontaneous or enjoy taking your time planning the perfect vacation, Epic Vacations is the choice for you!

Epic Escapes

Epic Escapes allows members to choose from an ever-changing menu of vacations available at all times. No waiting, no banking what you own before you search, just look and book from three nights to two weeks. With savvy planning, members can enjoy several vacations using only their 15,000 Epic Base Points!

Epic Rewards

With every Epic Experience  you book, you earn Rewards. Use your Epic Rewards to book more exciting experiences. The more rewards you earn, the more experiences you can enjoy.

Hilton Head Island Privileges

Your Epic Vacation membership comes with plenty of perks, including member-only Hilton Head Island Privileges. This exclusive benefit gives members the chance to vacation at one of our Hilton Head Island resorts with no reservation fee.

Hilton Head Island Privileges include a special booking window during which Epic Vacations members are the only people able to make reservations at our Hilton Head Island resorts.

My Epic Vacations

Members gain access to the My Epic Vacations portal, their main hub for all their membership needs. This easy-to-use, password-protected portal offers convenient access to options and benefits, account status, points balance, rewards, research tools, and more!

The My Epic Vacations portal is also the gateway to on-demand, 24/7 access to member-only pricing on hotels, flights, rental cars, luxury homes, cruises, activities, golf, curated vacation tours, and personal travel counseling services.  


Epic Vacations provides an affordable, pay-as-you-go structure. With a low annual fee and the option to add more points as you wish, you control how much you pay every year. Purchase additional Epic Advantage Points at a low member-only rate to supercharge your vacation with more days, larger accommodations, during higher demand periods…or simply enjoy more vacations!