Why Epic Vacations?

You’re in Control

Everyone has a dream vacation. Epic Vacations can help make your dream a reality. Where you stay, what you do and even how you get there is entirely up to you. Do you want a two-night stay at an urban location? You’ve got it. How about a week-long resort vacation? You can do that too. Our travel planning network allows you to reserve activities and excursions to make your vacation uniquely yours.

We’re Different 

Today’s traveler demands flexibility and choice. They want more resort options, more top-quality locations, more dining choices, and more entertainment. Epic Vacations consolidates all the best values and these and other travel options. Our members choose the components of their dream vacation with complete confidence in price and quality.

No Lifetime Commitment

Life is constantly changing. Products requiring a lifetime commitment just can’t adjust through the seasons of life. That’s why Epic Vacations doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Instead, you have the choice of several membership tiers with terms as short as 10 years.

Vacations Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Whether you want to relax and get away for a full week in a two- or three-bedroom condominium or a five-bedroom home or just spend a long weekend with the family in an urban hotel, your vacation is in your hands. The choice when and where to vacation is yours, we help get you there.